Executive Team

Vincent Benedetto | Founder | CEO

At an early age Vincent developed a desire to help others and do his part to improve the human condition.  

As a teenager, He injured his knee playing sports and had his first exposure to the field of Physical Therapy, which would ultimately become his profession.  Practicing for over 15 years, Dr. Vincent Benedetto understands how physical rehabilitation not only changes and improves someone’s function, but can be the catalyst for improving their life.  He has seen how improving the health of one system in the body can effect change in other areas, enhancing overall function and well-being for the system as a whole.

Since co-founding Brooklyn Brush, Vincent has had the opportunity to apply these same principles of rehabilitation to buildings that have been vacant or underused due to the loss of industry or other economic hardship suffered by the surrounding neighborhood.  Helping to infuse creative and cultural capital into these areas by providing Artists and Makers with the space to create has been  a reward in itself.

Vincent currently spends a lot of his time working with Artists and Makers discussing how we can better suit their specific needs in order to create a physical space, culture, and community that is based on continuous improvement.

Contact Vincent at: Vincent@BrooklynBrush.nyc


Rafael Alvarez | Founder | Chief Visionary Officer

Rafael is a Civil Engineer with 12 years of experience working on New York City bridges and the New Jersey Light Rail Transit System in Jersey City, Hoboken and Bayonne.

Passionate for design and hands on work, he tackled a full conversion of a 3 horse stall barn without amenities such as electric and water into a modern weekend getaway in under a year.

Rafael left engineering in 2006 and looked into creative workspaces in early 2008 after having a need for one himself. He was presented with sub-par workspaces and after much thought he decided he could create higher quality offerings. So REmerge Studios at 44 Stewart Avenue, a clean, safe and code compliant creative workspace was created in June 2008.

With the 2008 economic recession in full bloom, Rafael and his wife still ventured onward with their dream. The early years were a trial by fire where the full responsibility for the new creative workspace was squarely on Rafael’s shoulders. This meant no extra hands to help with cleaning, repairs or maintenance.

He feels a kinship with many Brooklyn Brush members because not so long ago, he himself had put everything on the line behind his beliefs. As Brooklyn Brush grew and he met more Artists and Makers he felt more passionate to help support the grit they showed as they often would come to their studios to feed their dream after having already worked in their day jobs, which paid the bills. That’s the difference between Artists and Makers and the rest of society.

Contact Rafael at: Rafael@BrooklynBrush.nyc


Dan Herdoon | Chief Operations Officer

Dan Herdoon brings 20+ years of investment banking and real estate development expertise to Brooklyn Brush.  In his role of Chief Operating Officer, he parlays his multi-faceted financial and real estate background into leading edge business strategies and asset management.  

From mergers and acquisitions at Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank to project development at Leviev Boymelgreen, Inc. and Brack Capital Real Estate (BCRE), constant in Dan's career is strategic leadership and emphasis on efficient utilization of resources.  Dan oversaw real estate projects such as The James (18 story, 115 room luxury boutique hotel), 225 Lafayette Street (complete restoration of a 15-story luxury condominium and retail space), and the $1B Grand City Group (DAX) US partnership with Elad Properties. 

Most recently, Dan co-founded Red Titans Capital, where he managed strategic planning and acquisition, and represented Yellow Brick Capital Advisors (UK) Limited in the United States. 

Dan is a graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Psychology.  He later attended business school at the University of Massachusetts and the Real Estate Institute at New York University.

Contact Dan at: Dan@BrooklynBrush.nyc


Pia Coronel | Director of Engagement And Curation

Pia is a passionate community builder, creative strategist, curator, and artist dedicated to sharing knowledge; helping communities grow and guiding teams develop creative programs and outreach. 

With over 6 years of experience in the art gallery setting, Pia works closely with gallery owners and staff to identify artists and curate shows. She is a liaison between the artists and the gallery, helping to build relationships and connect artists with collectors. 

She builds communities and fosters connections in the tech and creative fields. In 2014, she co-founded NYC Creative Salon, a platform for creative discussions. These bi-monthly intimate conversations have built a growing, select and diverse group of artists. In 2015, she started Art + Tech Salon, a casual monthly meeting and platform for dialogue between tech professionals and new media artists. Art + Tech Salon is an environment where people from both groups are able to learn from each other by sharing their perspectives and tactics in creating solutions for better products and practices. 

As a creator, Pia sees the importance of delivering effective messages in order to execute projects. She understands and values creative ideas and the ability to share them with others. Pia adds depth to the Brooklyn Brush team as she combines her art world experience and commitment to community building. She will expand the reach of the Brooklyn Brush Artist Community through creatively themed event and gallery programs.

Contact Pia at: Pia@BrooklynBrush.nyc

Field Team

Jillyan J. Acosta | Building Manager • Brooklyn Brush 362

Jillyan J. Acosta is a native New Yorker and worked several years in the service industry prior to joining the Brooklyn Brush Team. Jillyan joined Brooklyn Brush in May of 2015 as the Building Manager for the 362 Jefferson Street location.

Contact Jillyan at: Jillyan@BrooklynBrush.nyc