Our policy is first come, first served.

Until a deposit is placed on a studio, equal to 1 months rent, the studio continues to be shown.  Once a security deposit is received, we take the studio off the market.

Should you change your mind, Brooklyn Brush will return your Security Deposit minus a daily deduction for each day since the deposit was placed up to 30 days. Terms are subject to change.
We offer 3 lease terms:  1 year, 6 month and Month to Month (2 month minimum)
We require 1st month rent, last month rent and security deposit equal to 1 month.

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Call or Text:  (347) 762-8588
Email: Rafael@BrooklynBrush.nyc

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REMerge Studios

REmerge Studios does not accept PayPal online payments at this time. Instead, please contact Rafael via phone: (347) 762-8588 or email: Rafael@BrooklynBrush.nyc to set an appointment to drop-off your check, complete the paperwork and obtain your REmerge Studio.