• Brooklyn Brush (map)
  • 203 Harrison Place
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11237
  • United States

Please join us for a very special happy hour event.

caitlin+dancers and Amanda Millet-Sorsa will cover the floors and walls of the [x] Gallery for this special event and perform "Movements in Color" (30 min piece). This is a unique occasion to come watch them record the choreography, foot paint marks, and painter's brush with paint on canvas, while sipping drinks. 

Movements in Color is a collaborative dance work by choreographer Caitlin Dutton and painter Amanda Millet-Sorsa that intertwines both artists’ sensibilities on color as visual and emotional stimuli. The focus pertains to five colors in particular: white, orange, red, indigo and black. Each focused hue holds a multitude of historical, social, and emotional contexts including passion, joy, secrecy, youth, and pain, ranging the spectrum of Apollonian to Dionysian thought. Movements in Color will layer each shade as accumulating movements in dance and paint, set to an original score, and culminating in a wild expression of amalgamated artistic disciplines.


photo by: Andrew Lee Imaging

photo by: Andrew Lee Imaging