Founders' Story

In July 2010, as the month drew to a close, Rafael was tasked with coordinating the transfer of 3 studios.  In order to prepare these newly vacated studios for their new occupants, Rafael was forced to bow out of a dinner engagement that he had planned with Vincent and their respective wives. Upon hearing of Rafael’s dilemma, Vincent offered his assistance, and brought the dinner to Rafael.

The two longtime friends started at 9pm, inspecting and patching the walls, applying fresh coats of paint, along with installing new locks for the incoming members. Fueled by pizza and beer, they finished at 5am the following morning.

On the way home, Vincent expressed his interest in creative workspaces and in June 2011, they partnered and constructed Brooklyn Brush 362 at 362 Jefferson Street after lots of long days and nights and no weekends off.

In 2013, Brooklyn Brush continued to grow with the addition of Brooklyn Brush 203 at 203 Harrison Place, featuring an in-house curator and gallery space, along with other amenities set to grow the Brooklyn Brush community of Artists and Makers.

Rafael Alvarez

FOUNDER | Chief Visionary Officer

Rafael is a bridge builder and loves to make connections. He co-founded Brooklyn Brush with Vincent to guide the future vision of what creative spaces are and what they can do for Artists and Makers.

A Civil Engineer who worked on bridges, he understands how teamwork and community can make great things happen. He strives for the best in all he does, which helped ensure his bridges and many other projects served the community well. Read more about Rafael.

Vincent Benedetto


Vincent wants to help others and improve the human condition by providing clean and professional creative workspaces for Artist and Makers. He co-founded Brooklyn Brush with Rafael to guide the future vision of what creative spaces are; one rehabilitated building at a time.

A veteran Physical Therapist improving people’s lives for over 15 years, he’s had first hand experience in creating positive change to many through adept and incremental physical improvements. He looks to deliver meaningful and healthy outcomes to the Brooklyn Brush members and surrounding neighborhoods. Read more about Vincent.